Think you have lice?

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Don’t panic, we can help! Finding lice can seem like a catastrophe. We understand your initial panic. Lice is incredibly common and not something to be embarrassed about, it just needs to be dealt with right away. Children and adults in close contact with each other, such as those in daycares and schools, are easy targets for lice.

The Patient Picker has an eye for detail and the availability to focus and complete the treatment without missing a square inch of hair. We come to you and work with you to schedule a treatment plan that fits your needs.

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The First Look | $15 per head

The First Treatment | $30 hr/child | $25 hr/adult

Follow Up Treatments | $30 hr/child | $25 hr/adult

Training | $15 per half hour


The First Look

Never seen lice before? Need someone who knows what to look for? We have trained eyes and can tell you whether or not lice are present. We can tell you whether it’s a quick fix or an infestation and recommend a course of action.

The First Treatment

The first treatment involves a meticulous comb through over every square inch of the head to search and remove any visible lice or nits. First treatments can range in length from 2-4 hours depending on how severe the infestation and how long or thick the hair.

Follow Up Treatments

Follow up treatments check “lice hot spots” and are highly recommended to reduce the risk of a recurring infestation. Follow ups are recommended every few days after the first treatment. Continue follow ups with us (or train a family member to check) for a week to two weeks depending on length and thickness of hair and the severity of the problem.


Need help with the first treatment, but think you can handle the follow ups? Not a problem, we can train you to see what we see.


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Serving the Cowichan Valley, BC

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“I’ve never dealt with lice before and was terrified to discover my daughter’s head was infested. After the initial first treatment, I was trained to search myself and completed the follow ups. Now we are lice-free!”
— RT (dad of 5 year old)
“Jessica did such a thorough job of getting rid of the nits in my hair and saved me from having a full blown infestation. She was great teacher, showing a family member what to look for and the best way to take them out so we could work on the follow ups. Thank you for making a stressful situation much easier to deal with!”
— EC (daycare owner)
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Picking lice in the Cowichan Valley since 2018